Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, December 10, 2010

Giggles and a gazillion miles

Oh what a trip it has been so far! We are sitting outside under the stars while the kids attempt to wiggle themselves to sleep in the tent! I tried to go in and cuddle but it turned into a dogpile of giggles instead! So I am sitting here attempting to write from my husband's fancy new phone from his work. What a crazy world we live in!
We are in Santa Barbara camping next to the crashing waves. The stars look like beacons in the pitch black sky. Already I am so reminded of why it is good to take time away to be more still, to listen to god and to just be family. The trip so far has been marked with delicious laughter. Ravenna has kept Georgia in peals of giggles as they play tug of war with the sleeping bags they have cuddled themselves up with. When she is not doing  that she is madly folding more airplanes for the paper airplane party! Parker has decoded that he is now "the great ninja master" and practices his spinning kicking moves every chance he gets. My favorite was when he asked Doug to hold his blankie because he, "just had to let one more ninja move out" Today we saw palm trees! Parker yelled out "Look it's Mexican Christmas trees!" Oh how my children might need therapy someday :)

     My favorite moment has come with Miss Ravenna. Last night we got a motel because it was really draned cold and rainy. She decided that she would make a cozy nest right next to my bed so that she could sleep close. One of her (and my) favorite things about camping is falling asleep holding hands....it has to be about the sweetest thing ever for this Mama. Well, it was near midnight and Ravenna was so beside herself excited about being in a hotel and all that she just couldn't sleep. We made monsters on the ceiling with our fingers and flashlights, whispered made up stories until my brain was numb and then I leaned down and gave her one last hug....As we were cheek to cheek she whispered oh so sweetly what I thought was (and could have been after such a long drive, "Mama, you stink!"
   I busted up laughing and said, "I stink???!!!!" Which made her dissolve into belly laughs until we were both laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. When we finally calmed back down she hugged me again and said, "I didn't say you stink Mama....I said you stay..." and then she snuggled in to hold my hand and fall asleep. That moment right there made all of the packing, driving and chaos worth it and I never want to forget.
    Thanks for all of your prayers. We will cross the border on arrive at the orphanage on Sunday....now I'm off to hold some little precious hands...


Tara Anderson said...

Such a precious time! Part of me is jealous that I'm not on the the trip with you...and the other part of me is so stinkin' glad to be home with all FOUR of my little ones! Praying for your ministry!

stephanie said...

i'm laughing and crying!!!

stay safe! Waiting for more updates!

Jewels of My Heart said...

oh, Shannon... you made me cry.....
you and Ravenna, well it was so precious and made me think of Hannah and I... these are the most treasured moments, they are truly priceless.
Keep shining bright!

Adrian Roberta said...


you made me tear up here sitting in my bathrobe having breakfast.

So amazed that you are all following the Lord's leading and going to the Orphanage on your holiday!


Renee said...

Love hearing about your trip! Keeping you in prayer.

Shonni said...

Sounds like such a wonderful time together!


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