Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Miracle We Didn't See Coming....

      It is hard to type this because I just keep smiling so big (how that affects my fingers, I am not sure but it does!) When Miss Ravenna started mentioning that she wanted to help the kids at the orphanage I had no idea all God had up His sleeve! I figured that we would encourage her and she would make a few paper airplanes, maybe raise a few dollars and hopefully feel like she was really a part of our trip to Baja. Boy, did I ever underestimate my girl and my God.
       My sweet 6 year old girl has now raised over $700 (you can check out her website here). That is alot of money but it is not the part that has me walking on air...she has made enough to fully sponsor a child at the orphanage for an ENTIRE year. Yep. Food, medicine, clothes, school, housing you name it. That is just a tiny piece of it....she will be able to sponsor a child at the orphanage where we will be working for the week. Do you see how beautiful this is? SO beyond my little picture of a few planes and a few dollars. She will get to play with this child for a week, they can be friends and then stay in contact through out the year.
      I am just in awe of this picture of my little girl who once waited for a family just like this child she will sponsor, now caring for and getting to be in relationship for another child who waits. Is God not just amazing????? Who could have guessed that we would be here now on the brink of such beauty. I feel like a kid waiting outside of a candy shop. I just cannot wait to go and see it all play out!
    And there is more...Parker wants so badly to do the same thing. He is already talking and planning for what he will do to help the kids (stay tuned for something transformer or lego themed)! Then...friends of ours emailed to tell us that their kids are having their own paper airplane party to raise funds as well. I told Ravenna this and her whole body wiggled and her eyes got really wide and she said, "Mama, do you think more and more and more friends will do it and help kids all around the wooooorrrrlllddd (while spinning with her arms open wide)"  I am just stunned by what God does when we follow his lead with open hands and hearts.
     I just cannot wait to see what happens next :) Thank you all who have written to Ravenna or donated (almost all of the donations we around $10-15). You have been part of something life changing in the lives of orphans, my children and maybe kids around the world someday :)

Thanks again from our family to yours!!!


Renee said...

What a wonderful precious gift....and it is amazing how God has taken this and run with it! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas at the orphanage...and I also wanted to tell you that the draft you sent me to read a long time ago was so precious, Shannon. You have quite a story to tell.

Miller Moments said...

Beautiful family picture! We'll be praying for you while you are gone. Have a wonderful trip!

TanyaLea said...

SO neat!! It is breath-taking to think of how your precious girl, once an orphan herself, is now able to sponsor another orphan. I can see BIG things becoming of this. Who knows how far God will use this!?! I'm just excited to watch it all unfold. So proud of your little girl, her BIG heart, and her love for Jesus! You must be one very proud momma!!! :)

love and hugs to all! May your trip be blessed BEYOND all expectation!! <><

Jewels of My Heart said...

you are going to make me cry.... how truly beautiful.... I look at your Ravena and I see the reflection of Jesus and it is sweet, good, loving and beautiful... how can we ever use the excuse of what can one person do..... your little 6 year old daughter is showing us that when you walk with Jesus He will take you to the ends of the earth!
God bless you sweet family, God bless the children...


stephanie said...

oh Shannon , I wonder how your sweet Ravenna got to be so wonderful...

Couldn't have anything to do with her parents.

Bless you all!


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