Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Streams in the Desert

   I read this just now and it was such an encouragement and reminder that God loves us and desires to lead us... He is the lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path (Ps. 119:5). When I was a backpacking guide for Young life, we used to take students on a walk through the darkness with only one lantern to lead like 15-18 of us. It made that verse so very clear. Whoever was in the front could see no more than the next step be it dirt or stone or tree root and those behind had to trust their friends. No one knew the way and it would be slow but in the end we would make our destination perfectly with everyone intact!

      This is from Streams in the Desert:

February 23

No Solution in Sight

"He went out, not knowing whither he went" (Heb. 11:9).

It is faith without sight. When we can see, it is not faith, but reasoning. In crossing the Atlantic we observed this very principle of faith. We saw no path upon the sea, nor sign of the shore. And yet day by day we were marking our path upon the chart as exactly as if there had followed us a great chalk line upon the sea. And when we came within twenty miles of land, we knew where we were as exactly as if we had seen it all three thousand miles ahead.

How had we measured and marked our course? Day by day our captain had taken his instruments and, looking up to the sky, had fixed his course by the sun. He was sailing by the heavenly, not the earthly lights.

So faith looks up and sails on, by God's great Sun, not seeing one shore line or earthly lighthouse or path upon the way. Often its steps seem to lead into utter uncertainty, and even darkness and disaster; but He opens the way, and often makes such midnight hours the very gates of day. Let us go forth this day, not knowing, but trusting.

--Days of Heaven upon Earth


"Too many of us want to see our way through before starting new enterprises. If we could and did, from whence would come the development of our Christian graces? Faith, hope and love cannot be plucked from trees, like ripe apples. After the words 'In the beginning' comes the word 'God'! The first step turns the key into God's power-house, and it is not only true that God helps those who help themselves, but He also helps those who cannot help themselves. You can depend upon Him every time."

"Waiting on God brings us to our journey's end quicker than our feet."

The opportunity is often lost by deliberation.

We may not know our way and feel like we are standing lost in a dark forest but God sees exactly where we are and just the way we need to go...a way that is GOOD and for our very BEST. Take His hand today and go where He leads!
 Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity is doing a day of fasting and prayer tomorrow for anyone who wants to join. You can write down your requests and also pray for others, it is going to be an amazing and powerful time of people all over the world fasting & praying together...come join us!


Jdaniels said...

Thank you for this! It's so easy to get caught up in the immediate and worry about what's going to happen, that I sometimes forget that God's already got it all figured out.

I needed this reminder today. Thank you! God bless!

Sharon Ankerich said...

This post was so timely for me right now. With all we have going on, it would have made since to say no or ignore what we have chosen. We can't see our way but like you said, God does and is going before us the whole way.
Blessings and love,

Sharon Ankerich said...

This was such a timely post for me today. It would be so easy to say no or just ignore the direction God has put before our family with all we have going on. You are so right that it is not about us or our comfort but only what God has ordained for us and we do best to obey. :) Thank you for these words today!!!
Blessings and joy!

Renee said...

This post came today in answer to a prayer this morning. I have been asking God to direct me in whether to move forward in a direction that I am worrying about and trying to disect, etc. to see my way clearly. God is asking me to trust Him to lead the way. It goes along with a verse from Is. that says he will be behind us telling us to go either to the left or to the right. He leads,He guides from behind, and he walks along side. How wonderful is that!!
Your words are a blessing today.


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