Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Times with the Miller Munchkins!

Despite all of our medical craziness, life has been so full and good. Here's a little photo recap from some of it recently

Miss Ravenna just turned 7!!!!

She was feeling a bit crummy but still enjoyed her Rainbow Sherbert birthday cone :)

This handsome guy lost his first tooth!

Miss Georgia danced & hopped & twirled through her first Neurology appointment :)

Here are some of our pictures from our time at Cannon Beach

Catching airplanes at the Astoria Column

All 3 kids climbed the 164 steps to the top of the column

A little wildwood adventuring!

Visiting some old war bunkers...


Ravenna didn't feel up to being out too much but she beautified the hotel room!


Hanging with Daddy

A little wind in the pretties...

I love the awe in Parker's face here

We visited an old aquarium...I think she liked it!

Tickle monster

Again daddy!

Super Duper Guy!

Soaking up the love...

Mama time!

Man I love this kid!

Miss Ravenna's painting at the talent show. She walked into the show and whispered to me "I am an angel princess Mama..." Oh yes you are my dear!

Even though we are walking through hard stuff, the smiles far weigh it all!!!!!


Miller Moments said...

Eli is now wiggling all of his teeth like crazy so he can lose one too!

Kye loves the one with the tree coming out of your head!

Ben and Rach said...

Such good pictures!! I love looking at them! Glad you are all joyful!

From all of us with love said...

Sweet pictures that capture your families happiness. Thank you for sharing the joy, truly brings a deep smile to my heart!!

Tara Anderson said...

Such a good update! I enjoyed all the pictures. :)

Carla said...

Loved all the beautiful pictures. When we lived in WA. (back in the childless years) we used to go to Cannon beach and Astoria at least once a year. We took the kids back there a couple years ago (it was snowing!). I hope your crew is feeling better soon.

Susan A said...

Absolutely loved the pictures! :)

Happy birthday, Ravenna!!!


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