Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Memorial Box Monday- His love outshines the sun!

So I met God at the beach again today :) Just before sundown I headed out for a walk in the pouring rain. It has been such a sweet day...Ravenna has felt a little bit better and has not had one nosebleed all day (thank you for praying)!!!! She was cuddly and funny and goofy again and it was just so good to see. Just before heading out on the walk I made myself a to do list for the week. On that list:

Monday : Call to schedule Georgia's sedated MRI
Monday: Call the Hemophilica Clinic to schedule further testing for Ravenna (she does not have Hemophilia but something similar called Von Willebrand Disease that will probably need to have ongoing treatment there)....

After my wave dancing yesterday I have been able to keep my eyes and heart more on the Lord and how He is going to carry us through. I was able to just sit and be with the kids as we played in the tidepools, searched some old army bunkers and just played & climbed around. After making that list some fear had crept back into my heart. Not fear of the unknown as much as deep grief of what my sweet girls will be going through. I know in the grand scheme of things, these tests are not that big of a deal. But to hold Georgia as she is sedated...to comfort Ravenna as she is poked...to walk sterile hallways one more time, boy it can feel overwhelming...and I just want to protect my babies who have already walked through so much.

So there I went, me and the storm, rain running down my face, waves crashing in my ears with my heart just begging, "Lord, I need to see you again." I felt so selfish because just yesterday He had met me so powerfully but here I was again just really wanting something tangible to help carry me through these appointments. So I asked, "Lord please, I need something that I can touch that I can carry in my pocket to these appointments. I just want to remember that You are there."

I searched the beach thinking maybe I would find a stunning seashell or something...then I started to feel silly. Who was I to ask that of God? But He does say to ask, He says He wants to know our hearts so as I walked up the beach I wrestled. As I neared the end of the beach I decided that maybe I was supposed to go and find something to remind myself of His goodness. So I turned and headed into the little town thinking I could find something little to bring in my pocket as a reminder...only to find all of the shops closed!

So back to the beach I went, this time feeling frustrated. I stomped my boots and muttered out loud (yes, anothe crazy lady sighting for those around me!) telling Satan that he just isn't going to win, that he can just bugger off because God wins. He. Wins. Every. Time. Say out loud that I was not going to give in no matter what. Then praying for God to fill my heart again and guide me.

As I began to walk some more...a bright purple piece of glass caught my eye. It was sticking out of the sand...and I heard, "My love outshines the sun" 

Commit your way to the LORD;

trust in him and he will do this:

He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,

your vindication like the noonday sun.
Psalm 37:5-6
As I began to walk more, I found blue and pink and red pieces of glass...and I heard

but those who hope in the LORD

will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles;

they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31
For my whole 30 minute walk, wherever I stepped I would see little bright bits of glass shining out of the sand....even up the little ramp to our hotel! As I type this I have a pocket full of beautifully bright shiny reminders that God truly is with me....and His love does outshine the sun.


ShackelMom said...

I've been lurking for a long time and have been praying for you family. Today's blog was so good, and the thought came to my mind, "Lord, that glass is so beautiful, the sharp edges rubbed off by abrasive sands and made soft and smooth..., like you do with us."

TanyaLea said...

Wow Shannon ~ I LOVED this post! How profound a reminder that we need to speak out LOUD to the enemy and thank God for His everlasting, always-winning goodness!! He DOES want to know our hearts, and He enjoys 'humoring' us with little gifts and reminders of how much He truly cares about EVERY detail. He just wants that 'relationship' with us in return. What a wonderful God we serve!

Keeping you and your precious girlies in my thoughts and prayers. I always feel the depth of your heart in your words, so I almost 'know' exactly what you are feeling. So glad God gave you something 'tangible' to remind you He is THERE with you, holding and comforting your precious little treasures.

Sending BIG HUGS your way. Love you! <><


stephanie said...

oMGoodness! We are sea glass hunters! We even know the beaches where you can find more than others and NEVER have we ever found colored glass like that! And NEVER so much of it. he was just lighting your way with it. How beautiful and amazing!

Adrian Roberta said...

I love how God loves to give good things to His children, that we only have to ask. Thankyou for that reminder today as I start my day to pause and look for what my Heavenly Daddy wants to give me today!

Alice said...

Oh those would make an amazing sun catcher type thing! Maybe you could wrap them a bit of wire and hang them from something. Then put them in a window where they will mix with sunshine and make rainbows on your floors, walls, and whoever walks by them!
Hello, I am Alice. I got so excited about my idea that I forgot to introduce myself! I am a 'blog stalker' LOL

Renee said...

Beautiful, Shannon. I love Is. 40,41, and 43. So many promises we can hang on to. Praise God for a good day for Ravenna and for the many days ahead that will be filled with God's Sonlight and mighty healing power.

Mom Of Many said...

Oh how I love when He surprises us! Thank you for sharing! He's just so good!!


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