Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweetness & Insanity

Well our weather has been looking like a whole lot of this:

So we have been doing a whole lot of this! 

 Followed by warm toasty baths (with food coloring for fun of course!)

  Then we all piled in our little 4wd Subaru to go to church and a Chinese New Year Party

(30 minutes of this made me VERY thankful for our van)

Then, Ravenna's Grandparents took her on a date all by herself to pick out Easter dresses for she & Georgia (she got to choose whatever she wanted)....she came home full of giggles & twirls and I'm not sure that she will ever take this dress off!

Presenting Princess Ravenna and Queen Georgia

Then last night she snuck out of bed with a mischevieous grin to hand me this...and telling me, "Mama I have made a list of what to do at my birthday party, so that we don't forget anything!"

Eat good food
Balloon Experiments
Open presents
Play with them
Say goodbye

and then she realized that she could write on the other side of the paper

Love this girlie!!!

Have a great day!!!!! The flakes are falling down here, school has been cancelled and this Mama may be a little cooky pretty soon!


Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh you're making me homesick for snow! (And just yesterday I was homesick for green leaves. What a pickle!) SO glad you guys are planning great fun! And who ever would have thought of putting food coloring in the tub? Too fun (although I'm going to not tell my kids about it ... they splash way too much and I worry about the dye!) ACK!
LOVE the beautiful dresses for Easter too! How fun!
Thank you grandma!!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

You have a fun life over there. :) It is actually high 60s and 70s here. Everything is green and we are just waiting for the snow to hit us again. That will be crazy!!! Love all your photos!!!
Blessings and joy!!!

ps we have big news and know partly was due to your faithful prayer for our family!!! we have a son!!! :)

Adrian Roberta said...

Oh that note is absolutely adorable! What a cutie-patootie!

Ben and Rach said...

Looks like so much fun!! Great job on the snowman and picking your Easter dresses Ravenna!!! That Birthday list is so cute!!

Susan A said...

Beautiful girls, loved the pictures :)


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