Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seriously Cool New Find For Adoption Slideshows!

       I am so excited to share about this! We have a friend who is incredibly artistic and talented who has started a new company and he is making the coolest videos with photos (still photos)! Check out this one from their trip to Ethiopia to meet their daughter

Ethiopia Slideshow from Jesse Larvick on Vimeo.

      So he can take your (my) photos and do all of the work to edit them, put them in a backdrop of your choice to music that you choose....which is 'music' to my slacker ears! Seriously I have had making a video for Ravenna's adoption, Parker's birth and Georgia's adoptin on my "to-do" list for years. The idea is overwhelming to me and I have tried to figure out how to do it many times only to get frustrated.
       .....and Jesse can make it happen! I just send him my stuff and he makes it all into such a beautiful way to tell the story! Then, I can send it to family and friends, share it at church, at adoption seminars etc.
       I think this is a beyond powerful way to encourage our kids in their identity, making their story come to life and helping them to express it. 
      He also does slideshows for all kinds of other life 'events' like weddings, graduations, anniversarys, funeral....Aunt Bertha's 90th birthday, you name it! He does corporate videos too.
    Here are some of his other works:
A compilation of family photos (what a cool Christmas gift!)

Family Photos Slideshow from Jesse Larvick on Vimeo.

A memorial tribute (incorporating in old photos too)

Sample Tribute Slideshow from Jesse Larvick on Vimeo.

He also did a beautiful tribute to the young man that many of you have been praying for

Forest Andrews Tribute from Jesse Larvick on Vimeo.
His company is called Larvick Media
and you can check out more of his beautiful work

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