Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wanna Come Love Some Precious Kids????

 Ok.... we are heading to the orphanage in Baja in July to love and hang out with these sweet ones

our time there was beyond amazing...

It made the Gospel more real than ever before

We grew as a family....

Learned compassion and joy like never before

Our kids are begging to go back...

When we ask them why they seriously jump for joy and say,

"Because our friends are there!"

Every. Single. Time.

and here's the fun part...
 We are going with another family this time AND...

the orphanage just let us know that they have 10 more spots that have opened up for the week that we are there!


Come with us!!!!!

 Here are the details:
* July 10-17 at Foundation for His Ministries in Baja (http://www.ffhm.org/)

* Room and board are free, you just have to get yourself there!
(We will be leaving July 8th and driving down, camping or staying in hotels on the way. We'd love to have you join us and have that time to prepare and hang out and pray)

* The orphanage is in a very safe part of Baja (4 hours south of the border) on it's own very large campus. The guest housing is amazing. The rooms are simple but very clean. You can drink the water! Hot showers, good meals, even a guest lounge with a kitchen to cook in if you want (we did this for our kids sometimes)!

* There is a ton of different work that can be done, some with kids, some that is doing the jobs that help free the full time staff up to work with the kids. It is a great place to serve with kids, even fairly small ones. They let me kindof do my own thing and pop in and serve when and where it best fits for the little kids. Ravenna served alongside Doug and loved it!

* I honestly have never been to a place where the faith of the staff is so authentic and the ministry is so beautifully a reflection of Christ's love that I can hardly put words to it. Being there honestly changed our life.

So....pray about it and let me know!!!!!!


Karen Dawkins said...

Hey Shannon!
Thanks for this post. We can't go this summer, but Ben and I are looking for a short term trip we can do next spring. Maybe this will work for us :)


Renee said...

Being so ill, I cannot travel, but would love to help out in some way Shannon with a donation like before. Let me know.

Miller Moments said...

Oh bummer, Brian is totally out of vacation (it's all planned out for the rest of the year). But perhaps sometime it will work out for us to go. What a great way for the Miller family to all serve together! Hope you find some takers.


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