Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's a Wired, Wired World...

    Wires, wires and more wires!!!!! We are hooked up and ready to record whatever new thing is going on with Georgia's heart and honestly I feel so relieved. Relieved because there is something to do that hopefully will get us some answers. I am ready for answers and a way to get our girlie running, twirling and jumping full speed ahead. My biggest prayers right now are for: healing of Georgia's heart, that we will capture exactly what is happening and the doctors can say "Aha! This is what is going on and we know just how to fix it" and for protection over her heart while we weait for answers.
   So... how has it been going? I think I may ramble a bit here so I apologize ahead of time. I feel exhausted, this week was Vacation Bible School at church and I got to be the Preschool Storyteller which was amazing and fun and oh-so sweet. It honestly was the perfect thing to take my mind off of Georgia's heart stuff. How can telling over 60 preschoolers how incredible and faithful God is not be? It seroiusly kept me reminded all morning long of just how much God loves me, knows what is happening right now and cares about ALL of it.
   It feels like it has been a rollercoaster with Georgia. All of the symptoms that she is having are so different than before and feel much more serious. This time it is not me watching for symptoms, it is her verbalizing what she is feeling in her body. I will look over and she will be sitting very still and she will have her hand on her chest and look up at me and say "Funny boom booms Mama." with big sad eyes. Then  she has started to tell me that her heart hurts and her neck hurts. Today, during the dancing part of VBS she stopped and laid in my lap. I asked her why she wasn't dancing (the kid loves to dance) and she said, "It hurts too bad Mama" While again holding her chest. She would not let me touch her chest at all so I just cuddled her up to me and about a minute later she told me it felt better and got down to dance again...and I sprouted about 50 new white hairs!
    We did capture that one on the monitor so hopefully it will give the doctors a clue as to what is going on...I am kicking myself that I did not capture another event. It is a hard one for me to think aout or write about. I panicked and forgot about the darned machine. I found her laying montionless on the kitchen floor. Her head was turned away from me so I could not see her face. I called to her loudly twice and she did not respond. As I got to her I grabbed her shoulder and rolled her onto her back. Here eyes were open but she seems a little disoriented and was drooling. I have no idea if she was asleep or unconcious. Which just scared the heck out of me. I held her close and she seemed to get better. I called the oncall Cardiologist (who does not have the best bedside manner) and he told me I "missed a signifcant event" but that there was nothing to do now but make sure to record if it happens again...and I just feel sick to my stomach about the idea of it happening again.

   So...I go back again to the lessons from VBS this week:

* God made Georgia (perfectly and wonderfully)
* God listens to my prayers (and the cry of my heart when I do not have the words)
* God watches over us (and Georgia)
* God loves us no matter what!
* God gives good gifts ( like my little girl with her squishy kissable cheeks that I cannot get enough of!)

I have been reminded today of the fact that there are trials in this world...those we cannot escape...but what we DO have is shleter from those trials and strength that is far beyond our own when we pour our hearts out to God....nothing could be sweeter!


Sharon Ankerich said...

I am SO praying for sweet Georgia and your mama heart!!! God is holding you tight!!!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

You might have missed that particular "significant event" but God did not!! He knows exactly what is going on with Georgia and I continue to pray that the doctors caring for her will soon know too. You are one strong mama!

Miller Moments said...

Oh Shannon, there are no words. Just know that we are praying!!!!


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