Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, August 8, 2011

Could you pray again?

We have Ravenna's next blood draw tomorrow at 8:30. It is to test her platelet function...could you please pray? My hope had been that she could take anti-anxiety medication beforehand but for this test there can be no medications in her bloodstream. Pray for peace for my little girl.

Also, I just heard from a mom that is leaving this week to go to Morning Star to bring home her little girl! She is collecting donations to buy supplies for the children there (things like high nutrient formula that the heart babies need). You can read more Here and don't miss taking a peek at her beautiful children including little Clara who is coming home!!!!!


Susan A said...

Praying for Ravenna. I'm doing it early so I don't miss out like the last time! :)

Renee said...

Dear Lord
We bring before you your precious child, Ravenna. She is having another blood test tomorrow and this is such a stressful thing for her. Lord, your hand can reach down and bring peace to her mind and calm to her body as only You can do. We command fear to leave her and have no authority over her in Jesus name. We pray, Lord that this blood problem will be gone in Jesus name. We pray for sweet Ravenna to have complete and full healing and we give thanks for this precious gift you have brought into the lives of Shannon, Doug and the family.
In His name and for His glory


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