Hands and house

Hands and house

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Barfight anyone???

  I am going to try to do a longer update and edit some photos today but we have a rip-roaring cold running through our house. Miss Georgia is doing well with the exception of her right eye sweeling almost shut last night for no reason...so this morning she looks like she has been in a bar fight or something! Other than that her spirits are good, she went back to preschool yesterday! She continues to have pain in her knee/foot and has not shown any interest in running but I am hoping time will heal that up.
   The best thing ever has been taking her out of the bath. Miss Georgia loves the bath! She has been taking about 3 a day for the last 2 days :) In the past her lips and fingers were always blue/purple when she got out of the bath or pool or anytime she got cold...the first time I pulled her out of the bath I could not believe it, they were perfectly bubblegum pink!!! She even noticed and spent a few minutes admiring her pretty lips and fingers in the mirror!
   Also...so far...NO funny boom booms!
    We are still tired but praising God for the healing He is bringing to our little girl. Thanks so much for your prayers!!!!!


Miller Moments said...

Yay for no funny boom booms!!! and for pink fingers and toes! God is good!!!

Renee said...

Oh, nothing like pink fingers and toes to make us smile!!! Yahoo~ Hopefully soon those toxins will be gone and the swelling will leave for good!

Susan A said...

Oh, that is so good to hear! :)


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