Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh Mama It's A Miracle!!!

"Oh Mama, It's A Miracle!!!"

Those are the exact words out of Ravenna's mouth when I showed her that people are donating money to help her bring food and Bibles to the orphanage...

It's a Miracle.

It goes far beyond that too,

little girls in her class are giving up some of their own hair "pretties",
making hairbows,
jumping up and down excited about blessing the kids in Baja.

All they can talk about whenever I see them excited to be God's hands in showing these girls that they are beautiful....

Emails coming in from grown ups around the world itching to help too...
makes me cry just looking at the growing pile.

It just doesn't get more beautiful than that.

So we've changed the name of Ravenna's blog to

"Kids blessing Kids"
(adults welcome too!)
anyone who wants to join it is totally welcome

Just send me an email :)

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