Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, October 24, 2011

Help us bless these awesome orphans!!!!!

Well, it's that time of year again....
crazy stores are putting up Christmas decorations...
and we are pulling out our packing list for Mexico....
Because these cheeks

Are needing some more kissing!

and we are dying to get back down there to be with them.

As we have started talking about heading south,
Ravenna has started scheming again :)

I love this girl's heart so much.

We are still doing Operation Notebook and have hundreds of school notebooks to bring down with us to help the school
But Ravenna has a plan of her own...

You might remember last year that she handmade hundreds of paper airplanes
to throw a paper airplane party for the orphans,
and raised enough money to single-handedly support two orphans for a year.

(You can read about it Here)

Yes, her wheels have been turning.

You see, one of the children that she is sponsoring has become so dear to our hearts.

She is only a little older than Ravenna and had just come into the orphanage when we were there.
She had been found, living on the streets, digging through garbage, begging for food.
She was struggling because she had not lived inside before, had not been to school before, had not lived with rules before...
and had the biggest most beautiful smile I think I have ever seen.

...and she had very short hair.
Not by choice.
But because of lice...
when she came in her hair had to be cut short so they could get all of the lice out.

in comes Ravenna's plan.

We have been getting updates every few months,
and our sweet friend's hair is growing,
it is beautiful!

...and that got Ravenna to thinking, and planning.

She has decided that what she would like to do to care for these friends at the orphanage this year is to throw a beauty parlor party!
She said she wants to show them that God can make even the hardest thing into something beautiful.
She wants them to know they are beautiful
and that God made them that way.

( her picture of the beauty parlor party...notice all the hairbows!)

...not kidding you, this is my little girl's heart.

She is working hard, cutting and tying (which are not so easy at 7 years old!)

Hundreds of hair ribbons for the girls!

As a reminder that they are beautifully made.
and she wants to make sure that the boys are not left out :)
So next she wants to learn how to make friendship bracelets for them.

But, she keeps saying, "Mama these kids really need food, and they need Bibles, can we help them with those too?"

So this is where you all come in....

Wanna bless some beyond amazing kids? Help fill their bellies and let them know that they are beautiful and loved beyond compare?

I'll leave it open ended :)
You can make hair ribbons, friendship bracelets, notebooks or you can sponsor Ravenna as she cuts and ties and plans
to bless these kids who are so dear to all of our hearts.

Feel free to email me shannon_miller72@yahoo.com

Ravenna's blog has been updated and there is a Chip In over there for anyone who is interested!

You can find it Here

Thanks for encouraging my little girl and blessing some amazing kids!

**** I forgot to add that Ravenna is making very sure that we send some of this to her orphanage in China and Georgia's as well, she wants to make sure her 'buddies' know that they are loved too!!!!*********


TanyaLea said...

I love this Shannon, and can't wait to make our donation, in one way or another. I will talk to my hubby to see what I can do. Oh how I wish I could just help every single fund-raiser for the orphans... they all strike a chord in my heart!! What beautiful and precious daughters you have raised... I love that their hearts are burdened at such a young age to help those who have little or nothing. They may be young, but they are already living out what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth! LOVE IT!!! <><

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Carla said...

What dates will you be down there? We'll be in the area for the month of December. We'll be visiting the orphanage but won't be living there this time. We will be living in the town next to it. If we miss seeing you..have a fantastic time. We can't wait to get back there too!

Designed with Purpose said...

Shannon, you are teaching your children what life is really about. I am floored that your daughter has such a heart for orphans at such a young age! What inspiration to us all!


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