Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, October 7, 2011

Playin Adoption!

These are "official" Chinese documents...

So today after school Ravenna and her friend went off to play while I cuddled with Georgia. Pretty soon they came back and in a gentle voice Ravenna asked, "Little girl do you want to be adopted?"
At first Georgia said, "No"
Ravenna said, "That's alright...first I need to do paperwork anyways..."
I wasn't sure what would happen next but she scurried off,
and brought back this....
She put it in my 'mailbox'

Can you read it?
It says,

"Ravenna to Shanine adoption when?"

Then she said, "Wait, I have more paperwork to do!"
and came back with this...

Again in my 'mailbox'
It says,
"I am going to tace care of her I am good from Ravenna"
and once again she ran off to do more 'paperwork'

and came back with this!!!!!
She keeps bringing back her 'children' (yes she went through the adoption process twice) to show me what a good job she is doing taking care of them.
Here's the proud Mama and her babies...

Man I love these girlies!

**** She just came in to tell me the 'story of how she got her children****

It goes like this...

"God blest me with grate childrin. and he blest me by leting you...

"...give me my childrin. He maed me blest whith..."

"...them. God is graet and he is asume. I love him."

"He is the best God ever! I like him he is fun!"



Susan A said...

Made me smile :)

How is Ravenna's blood clots going? I was thinking of her not long ago.

Alice said...

This is just too cute! We have been talking about adoption so long now that our girls play adoption regularly. Today they went to the orphanage (the preschool classroom) and picked up their babies (stuffed puppies) but I can usually find all their dolls lined up in a row 'sleeping' and being fed... they stick their almost 2 yr old sister in the middle of the row and fake feed her too! They LOVE it and it melts my heart

Ben and Rach said...

So cool! Good job teaching her truth.

Renee said...

Absolutely adorable and amazing too. Precious words from a precious girl!

Gloria said...

Wow! What a great example you've set for them. They'll always know the heart of the Father to care for orphans. This blessed me so greatly!


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