Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Could you pray?

   Miss Ravenna's surgery is scheduled for the 29th but she is starting to feel pretty punky and spiking some fevers. They are trying right now to see if they can find a spot and bump that surgery up. The fear is that the infection from her teeth could spread to her blood and heart. We have an appointment with her regular doc this afternoon to check her out. Honestly, she is pretty uncomfortable and looks really pale and her cheeks are kindof puffy. I worry about her. Could you pray for:
* Protection for her whole body, that this infection would not spread!
* Wisdom for the doctors...for the perfect timing for the surgery.
* For the whole medical team, it is  a complicated one because of her blood disorder...lots of moving pieces and details that need to come together.
* That her blood would miraculously clot perfectly. the big risk of this surgery is that her blood disorder is still undiagnosed...which means they are not sure how to best deal with or treat the bleeding.
* That they could diagnose the blood disorder exactly with all of the blood they are planning to draw during surgery as well.
* For peace. She continues to be upbeat so far and is ready to have those darned teeth out but she also has been so traumatized by medical stuff that I worry about the actual in hospital time.
* For Parker and Georgia as it means time away from Mama...which is hard on us all.
* For me too...honestly I am very tired and pretty scared. It is hard to hand her over into an unknown even when I know she needs it :(

Thanks so much, I will update when I know more.


Renee said...

PRAYING!!!! I was given a verse for my situation recently. I often think of Lyme as the "enemy" ~ bad bacteria is hard to battle and you know in fragile little ones it is an enemy. The verse I was given was in Exodus 14:14
" The Lord Himself will fight for you...just stay calm."

God is fighting for Ravenna and this infection. Just stay calm Mommy....He is fighting for her...

Susan A said...

Yes I will pray for the angel of the Lord to come with His presence and heal all that is not working in Ravenna (blood disorder, etc) and full and total complete healing, and also that He may bring His peace.

Tara Anderson said...

I will be praying as well!

stephanie said...

Know that I am praying here!!!


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