Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, February 10, 2012

Family Update...

...There is always so much going on and so much that is so rich and good. I find myself thanking God everyday for my family, I am one deeply blessed woman!

Doug...astounds me. He is such an incredible husband and father. He works so hard to pray for each of us and spend individual time with each kid in a way that is meaningful to them. He gets up before us all and is usually the last to go to sleep, mainly because he is working hard to do the things that make all of our life easier (dishes, cleaning, leaving me special notes to wake up to).With so much going on I am in awe of the rock that he is to our whole family. He will be out of town next week for work...and will be so missed!

Miss Ravenna...her heart continues to grow in such beautiful ways. She is daily opening up like a beautiful flower. Just the other day a newsletter came from the orphanage we served at in Mexico. In it were pictures of some of the kids needing sponsorship. One of them was a boy named Daniel who was brand new at the orphanage having left a beyond words abusive situation at his grandparents house. As soon as she saw his picture she said, "Mama...what can I give up so we can sponsor Daniel?" Seriously. So we talked about eating more simply and choosing to make special times at home rather than the (rare) times when we go out to her favorite burger place. She immediately jumped up and said, "Let's do it!"...I am proud beyond words.

Parker... Oh how this little guy teaches us each day. He has a heart for the Lord and the world that is truly boundless. He told me recently that when he grows up he wants to be a 'chief priest' so he can tell everyone about Jesus. At church last week he sat in with us during worship and the whole time he sat there singing with a huge contented smile on his face. I asked him about it afterwards and he said, "Mama, I wanted everyone to know how much I love Jesus so that they would know His love too!" He also asked me the other day for his painting things and when I asked why he said, "because I want to be a martial artist!" He lights up our whole world!

Miss Georgia Mei....is growing! I kid you not, since October she has gained 2 pounds and grown 1 inch! That may not seem like much but for a little one who had not grown in a year and needs to grow in order to avoid another open heart surgery this is amazing! She is still so stinking cute and has a huge vocabulary that she uses from the minute she wakes up until her head hits the pillow at night. She is a crack up and such a delight. She goes back in May for her next heart check-up.

We are still wrestling through all we learned in Mexico (so much more to write and say) and a huge desire to go back and for longer. We all also still continue to slowly work through the death of my Dad. I miss him everyday. Losing him has changed every part of me and I feel like I am learning what it means to live life so changed. We have a few things I would love prayer for:

* The little girl that we sponsored at the orphanage and her three sisters need prayer. We love them so very much and really are asking that God do what is best for them. They had come to the orphanage voluntarily a little over a year ago in ndesperate need. The details are incredibly hard and it breaks my heart. Well...a few days after Christmas, their Mom came back and took them with her. There is very little known about what their situation is now and we are very concerned for them. My hope is that their Mom has gotten help and that this will be a really good thing. My prayer is for their safety and that if they are not safe, God would make a way to bring them back. They are all so precious and beautiful and we love them more than words can say.

* Our Ravenna has to have surgery later this month. It is 'just' having two teeth pulled...but when you have an undiagnosed blood disorder things get a bit complicated! For her it means full sedation, a special team, possible blood transfusions and a hospital stay and a life flight plan in case she starts bleeding once we are home. We are trying to keep it upbeat and so far she is excited about a sleepover with Mama, the playrooms and getting to order food to her room! Could you pray for her health in the mean time? She has some infection going on (she could not have dental work done while they were doing all of this year long testing to try to figure out her blood disorder, and got some cavities that have become infected) and they could not get all of the special team and meds that are needed in place until the 29th.

Phew....that's our little family!!!!


Renee said...

I will be praying, Shannon...for each of your requests and whatever else God leads me to pray for....

Valerie and Jeff said...

Shannon, I wished you lived closer so our families (and kids) could hang out together. You are just the coolest. ;-)
Seriously I am so proud of the way you are raising your kids--they sound like wonderful, giving people!!
What a blessing! Hugs, Valerie

Susan A said...

Poor Ravenna with the infected teeth, I can imagine how hard it is to see her suffer while not being able to do much because of her blood disorder. Yes, I will pray for everything to go well in her surgery with the angel of the Lord's presence there in the hospital room bringing wisdom to doctors and healing from the Lord Jesus Christ!

Carla said...

We met Daniel this winter too. He seemed like such a sweet kid. Seeing the kids again and meeting the new kids made me wish things were different for us there and for the orphanage. When we lived there we would have invested in, gotten to know and love on the new kids but this time we only saw them briefly. For the sake of the kids at the orphanage, I hope they'll get the support in healing that they need. Ravenna's heart is so generous. Good for her for being so open to sacrifice!

Carla said...

p.s your kids are beautiful inside and out! Praying for your little girlies as they face surgeries.

Ben and Rach said...

Will be praying for Ravenna!


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