Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Georgia Mei's Turn For Prayer.....

No I'm not kidding...life is a bit intense around here. Last night while in bed Georgia started crying. I came in to check on her and she was gray and laying very still. She said her heart was going fast and slow and that she felt dizzy and like she needed to throw up....
   For a few weeks now I have been watching her closely, her coloring has been off (big dark purple circles under her eyes), off to the point that it shocked Doug when he came home form his business trip. She also has been more tired, sleeping 13+ hours some nights and beginning to nap at school which she didn't used to do. I have been checking in and asking her about her her rate and she has been saying it is fine, but last night she said, "it just happens at bedtime Mama." Which makes me wonder if it happens more often but she ignores it because she is busy. Anyhow, this time we are using a different monitor that will record continuously for 48 hours catching everything that happens with her heart. It should come in the mail in a few days.
   So, the roller coaster continues and we are sure concerned for our littlest girl. Honestly I feel so weary and just numb at this point. So glad God is big enough because I sure am not.

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Wife of the Prez said...

Bless your heart ... and their hearts. Praying Shannon. Let me know if I can do anything else ... like you've told me ... I wish I was close enough to come over and offer hugs and prayers in person.

It seems too much for you all to bear all at once, but your unwavering faith is certainly a testimony. Thank you for continuing to walk the walk ... even when you can't see how you'll take another step.

Big hugs my friend,


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