Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Stand Amazed

Thank you all SO much for praying!

Yesterday was long for sure,

but Parker was a total trooper.

He honestly amazes me.

He leapt, ran and giggled his way through the hallways like this was all the greatest adventure ever.

The test was hard for him.

It was with an adult machine so he had to sit up on his knees, holding perfectly still, keeping his eyes fixed on one point with his head in a machine for over an hour.

About halfway through he was ready to be done but he dug down deep and kept going.

At the end he gave the tech a big high five and leapt on his way!

He can hardly wait for tomorrow and his 'robot eyes'!

My favorite part of the day happened while we were waiting for our appointments.

He has been listening to Adventures In Oddessy and in one of the episodes there is a line where a man is trying to tell a not so scary ghost story and says, "there was a man without a head, no too scary, without a thumb...but nothing bad happened, he was just born that way, it was a genetic problem."

Interestingly, Parker has latched onto that line these last few days.

So yesterday he looked up at me and asked,
"Mom, what is a genetic problem?"

I told him that when we were formed in our Mama's tummy something in our genetic code made our bodies a little bit different.

He jumped up, eyes huge with excitement and said, "Like my blurry eyes?"

I nodded and said, "and the bones in my legs and feet that are turned different."

Then he asked, "What about Georgia's heart?"


"...and Ravenna's blood?"


He again stood up, pumped his arms in the air as if he had just scored a touchdown and said,

"Oh Mama...that's SO cool. What about Dad? If he has a genetic problem too we could change our name! Instead of the Miller family we could be the Genetic Problem family! That would be SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!"


I asked some of you to pray that God would preserve Parker's joy and innocence through this process....

and yesterday honestly seemed miraculous.

On the way home, it got me to thinking....

How often do I choose fear over joy? Why is it that I worry so much?

Parker walked through that whole appointment with complete trust, even celebrating his blurry eyes in the midst of it all, joyfully sitting still with numb feet even when he got tired.

I am humbled and amazed by my little son and find myself praying this morning that I can be more and more like him.

Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of  heaven
Matthew 18:4


Mindy said...

Awesome! Thank you, Jesus!

Joe and Alice Waarvik said...

Oh my I love that! Sounds like the beginnings of a new super hero :)

Child of God said...

Wow!! It is so cool to read about Parker's joy!

Continuing to pray,


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