Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, October 21, 2012

After the Last Tear Falls

   There are times in life that just hurt...times that make no sense.
    In the last two weeks our community has suffered deep loss...
   The loss of a father, husband, coach...the loss of two teenagers deeply a part of our church and community. One a beautiful girl who has taught our children in Sunday school for years and loved them so much.
Personally, my Grandma who I love so very much passed away,
we have watched Georgia continue to struggle,
we are weary and our hearts are heavy and sore.
This song was played in church today and has deeply struck a cord with me...
there is so much hurt and so much that I do not understand.
But the promise remains that God will never let go,
and He is the one thing that will remain.

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Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh Shannon, I've been thinking about you and I didn't know of the other tragedies that have fallen so close to your heart! I'm so very sorry for the tears! My aunt passed away this week ... so it's been on my heart too and it's also the time of year when my grandpa and dad went to Heaven too--it's sometimes a very heavy feeling just trying to hold all of the hurt. Thank you for the song, that of course made me add to the oceans tears and tears. Hugs to you! Praying that Georgia's condition stabilizes and that you find peace again soon!


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