Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Portrait of Healing

Sometimes God just astounds me...
We had a really rough spell with Ravenna this weekend,
some attachment stuff and raw pain coming up.
Watching her hiding and crying,
arms reaching out for me then legs kicking if I got too close...
oh how I ache sometimes to be able to step into her heart and take that pain for her.
The episode came full circle with hugs about 90 minutes later...
but it always leaves my heart wondering, hurting and wishing there was something else we could be doing, another way for her to get how deeply we love her.
And it leaves my raw heart begging God,
because He can go where my arms cannot reach, He can see and heal those deep hurting places...
His promises can whisper in even where I cannot be heard.
Last night,
I was making dinner and Ravenna was standing at the counter chattering away,
when all of a sudden she said,
"I love my family. Our family is the best family in the whole world."
When I asked her why she said,
"Because we love each other so much."
Oh my heart....
I walked around the counter and just held her wiping back the tears.
God can do what seems impossible...
In fact He does it all the time.


Chrissie said...

I love this. Your faith and prayers are shaping your family and it's beautiful to see even just over your blog. I hope that I will be as faithful as you in prayer and that Levi will see my faith modelled as authentically and beautifully as your children do.

Jo's Corner said...

Shedding tears for your sweet girl this morning. You are a blessing, Shannon! To know how He loves His children and then to give that same love to your hurting daughter. I'll say some prayers for healing in the hearts of your daughters...both physically and emotionally. Love, Jo


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