Hands and house

Hands and house

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things I want to remember...

We just got back from our maiden voyage camping trip in our 1971 Timberline Camper/Trailer....
it was awesome!
Just to get away as our little family,
to giggle,
and cuddle,
and soak up each of the kids.
We had SO much fun!
While we were out there I finally had time to slowly start to unravel all that my heart has been feeling
about the women's retreat I got to be a part of (more on that later), Georgia's surgery and a tragedy that happened at the school where I work this week.
Lots. To. Process.
What kept bubbling up more and more was a conversation I had with my friend Erin late into the night on Friday night at the retreat.
We were talking about how it is to walk through really dark, hard stuff and how unexplainable it is on many levels,
how it rocks me to my very soul for a long time afterwards...
...and that is ok, good even to pour my heart out to the Lord rather than trying to quickly make it all ok.
She shared the lyrics to a new song by Andrew Peterson. I forget the exact words but in the song he is talking about how sometimes in the darkest of times, the light of Christ shines so brightly...
...and how in spite of all that may seem wrong that is going on,
sometimes we see the good...
...and don't we just want to thank someone?
That is how I felt this weekend as we played under a brilliant blue sky dappled with trees beginning to turn.
Certain moments stood out that I just do not want to forget.
So here they are:
Just after we tucked a still groggy Georgia into her carseat in front of the hospital she asked it we would put on VBS music to listen to.
When a certain song came on she said with a quiet earnestness,
" Oh Mama, this is the very favorite of my heart!"
Then she very seriously began to sing along,
"I have a Maker,
He formed my heart.
Before evn time began my life was in His hands."


2 days later.

We had a tragedy at the school where our kids attend and where I am the counselor.

I was planning on taking the whole week off with Georgia but we needed to have a space for the students to come and talk and grieve.

Georgia was doing well so the plan was that for part of the day we would go in and she would be in preschool but come and hang out in the sanctuary with me during recess.

By the time recess came I was talking deeply with a beyond sweet girl who was broken hearted.

In came Miss Georgia and snuggled right up on my lap.

Right about then a group of high school students came in with tears running down their faces.

The girl I was talking to offered to hang out with Georgia in the back while I talked with the other students.

After a few minutes,

giggles filled the Sanctuary.

I looked back to see Georgia fully animated, hands going, telling a story to that girl...

...who was now grinning ear to ear.

There was my sweet baby girl, just barely out of surgery,

ministering to that student far better than I ever could!


Yesterday while out camping...

we were all hanging out inside the camper being goofy and reading stories when Miss Georgia scooted up beside me.

She put her hand up to my ear and in her very loud, spitting whisper (that I love) said,

" You know what I love Mama? When I start to feel better again."

Be still my heart.

She is bruised all over but keeping up with her siblings and starting to feel better!

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.
1 Cornithians 1:27

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