Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tuesday's The Day! Please pray for Georgia's heart surgery...

Once again the little pink polka dot bag is packed with jammies and stuffed animals to come to the hospital with us tomorrow.
We need to be there at 6am and every time I think about it my stomach churns...
I would do just about anything to not have to hand my baby girl over again knowing that they will be entering and repairing her heart.
It is so easy to slip into the "what-ifs" and risks of it all....
I do have a choice.
I am choosing to look upward instead.
This last weekend I got to be the emcee at our church's women's retreat...
it was an incredible weekend and God was so very close,
reminding me exactly whose hands she is in.
At one point I mentioned that my little girl had a heart condition and that we cared enough to walk the hard road of handing her over for surgery so that she could be healthy....
This is what God does for us to isn't it...calling us to look deeply at the hard stuff that bogs us down?
after that session a woman came up to me and said, "I know just how you feel."
Her daughter had a heart condition and had been through 2 heart surgeries.
Then she introduced me to her stunningly beautiful 24 year old daughter who was just beaming.
Oh to see her so vibrant and full of joy!
Then just today,
I was at church on some business and my friend Teri & I prayed together about the surgery.
Right afterwards we were standing in the office and she said, "are these yours?"
It was a basket of rocks I had brought to the retreat.
At the end of the retreat we had women take one and write on it symbolizing either a burden they had let go of (then thrown the rock in the ocean) or something God had done that they wanted to remember.
As we were talking, Teri was running her hands over the rocks....not looking she held one up while saying, "They are so beautiful"
The one she held up was a perfect, beautiful heart shaped rock!
Now I have my own promise rock to carry around...
God's special promise just for me that He holds her heart in the palm of His hand!
Georgia is doing great...
I explained everything to her tongiht and she said
"Oh yeah Mama...I remember everything about this hospital...I'll take a nap and the machine will go up into my heart and fix that hole....then I'll wake up and get a popsicle. I think I want an orange one."
Oh her trust is so astounding to me!
So....would you please pray for us?
* We have to be at the hospital at 6am...this means leaving at 4:30 from our house. Could you pray for alertness and safety as we drive?
* For absolute perfection during the whole surgery....that every tool used will go exactly where it is supposed to and do it's job perfectly.
* That the device they are implanting would completely hold and block the hole.
* That Georgia would have God's perfect peace that transcends understanding.
* For her recovery. She really struggled during one of her heart caths...please pray that her heart will do exactly what it is supposed to!
* For all of us, that we will keep our minds and hearts fixed on the One who created our beautiful and holds her heart in the palm of His hand.


KHM said...

Will put your sweet baby and the whole family in prayer tonight.

Susan A said...

will be praying, Shannon.

Amy said...

My little one has her second, first with us cleft surgery Tuesday and I am a bit anxious. Hearing your baby girl is having heart surgery really puts it into perspective for me. Praying for your sweet girl.

Mom2three said...

I will be praying for you today. Our third child was born with an often fatal heart defect 14 yrs ago and I know that just letting them go through thise does to have this done is hard. Four yrs ago at his cardio check, the cardiologist said his heart was pretty perfect, aside from the heart murmur caused by the surgery (which helped save his life).

So today, my prayers are for you, Miss Georgia, surgeon, nurses, and more.

i'm beccy. said...

Thanks for posting this. A girl from my church is also having a heart procedure this week, and knowing just how to pray for both girls is a gift.

Arnold family said...

Praying that everything goes well and that she recovers beautifully!

Renee said...

Have been praying and will continue to pray along with the Knee Team

Mary Ann & Russ Rehm and family said...

Our prayers are with you all and especially sweet Georgia and the doctors. Russ has created a new word..... that being "faithiation" which is the state of living completely and utterly by faith. This makes us "faithiators". Our prayer is that by faith Georgia is completely healed and that God's glory radiates in, through and around her. Praise be to God.


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