Hands and house

Hands and house

Saturday, April 13, 2013


We are knee deep into sorting and packing,
scrubbing and planning...
and praying like crazy!
It has been interesting,
as I am going about my day and as I hold objects in our house trying to decide if we should keep them or pass them on,
the background of my mind is like a slideshow.
I keep picturing houses.
Homes so full of love
that we have been welcomed into over our lives...
homes in Ecuador,
homes no bigger than our garage and yet bursting with love.

Because a whole lot of the world does not live like we do.
Every time I have been welcomed into a home so seemingly small, I have come away stunned by how much more love I have felt there.
By how beautiful and vibrant the faith of the people is....
Honestly, I am so convicted as I pack and wrestle with getting rid of stuff...
how did I become so tied to these things?
I find myself begging, "Oh Lord, show me more...show me where I am so wrong, show me what I am holding onto that is just not what is best....show me how to find love like those whose faces run through my mind as I think of those houses all over the world."

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Ginger said...

The Lord direct an bless you as you seek His heart more and more. And may your home -- whether in a trailer or a mansion -- always be a place where people find love and grace.


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