Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Millers on the Move!

Like that title?
One would think that title would mean we are moving to a different town or state or something!
But our hearts have been nudging us to do a moving of a different kind,
one towards more family time,
away from the typical American culture a bit,
to lay our hearts bare and examine what things we might be clinging to a little too tightly...
to reach out and love those around us more,
to be open to those that cross our path,
to really enter in to their story and let it become part of ours.
God has been stirring and hatching a plan in our hearts and minds for awhile now,
we would dust it off, take a look, try it on for size and then say "nah...it's too crazy,"
and put it back on the shelf....
until last week when the plan came off the shelf in a very real way,
and we had a choice to make.
After a lot of prayer and talking we decided
you only live once,
and we didn't want to miss what God was leading us to.
So......drumroll please????
We are officially moving OUT of our house and INTO our trailer for at least the summer.
Yep, our family of five in a 20 ft trailer that we love dearly.
When we asked that the question that kept echoing was,
Why not?
Why not be deliberate about making our summer about being together, living outdoors, focusing on our relationship as a family?
Why not open our hearts and lives to the people we will encounter and learn and be changed by them?
Why not try living in our tiny trailer and ask God to lay our hearts open to the things that we grasp hold of, cling to, think that we need?
Why not ask to be transformed by living counter culturally and just see what happens?
Why not take a step of faith without a plan on the other end and see where it takes us?
Why not live like we did in Baja (3rd world country)? It is one thing to live so simply when everyone else is living that way, but what about doing it here in our culture of such abundance?
These were the conversations that kept bubbling up in our household over the last month or two...
but we had decided that our rental was a screaming deal and we would be foolish to give it up :)
We need to be grown up and practical after all right?
Then our landlord called and let us know he was going to sell the house we were living in,
we had first dibs and could have made it happen but that conversation officially pulled the plan off the shelf!
We toyed with the idea of buying for a little,
honestly it is a great house in a great neighborhood...
...but our hearts kept saying that was not the way we were supposed to go.
As soon as we decided "no" on the house,
and "yes" on the trailer,
we had a huge peace and excitement!
So, we are pairing down,
packing up,
praying on ton,
sprucing up the trailer (which is a bit of an eyesore at the moment),
and in a few months we are going to take the leap!
We are excited to be challenged, to grow, see and experience God in new ways and to hopefully have those things that encumber us stripped a little further away....
as our little family steps out in this crazy adventure!
If you're up for meeting up for a little camping in the Gorge this summer,
come sit by the fire with us,
tell us your story,
we can't wait to see what God does!
 We'll keep you posted on where we will be!
The rockin Miss Rosie soon to have a new look!


Renee said...

How wonderful! Look forward to hearing about all your adventures...God bless!

Jewels of My Heart said...

I just think that is too cool! Can't wait to see all that God does in your family and through your family!
Keep shining bright beautiful, precious, and beloved Millers!

Jill Funkhouser said...

Hope to see yo some where! We are huge camping fans!

Heather P said...

I love this idea! If you come on over to the northshore you are welcome to park the trailer by the creek, enjoy the fruit trees, the barbeque and the firepit! God bless your family!
Love, the Pimley's

Joanna B said...

Very brave! What a great family experience this will be :-) I hope you blog about the journey!

Anonymous said...

I'm about to embark on a similar journey.....


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