Hands and house

Hands and house

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Doors Thrown Open So Wide

      This adoption has been so different, like a glorious sunny day after a storm.
 We talked and prayed for a few days and just felt an overwhelming peace about bringing this little boy into our family
. Everything changed with seeing his picture and yet it just felt so calm and so right.
    On a blustery March day, Doug and I took a hike far above the Columbia River.
Standing there, raindrops beginning to fall I was looking out in the distance and praying
. Doug turned, asking, "What's on your mind?"
  "Well, what are we going to do about this little guy?"
  We chatted down the trail to the car, about diapers, preschool and toddler joys.
 "It just feels so right" crossed our lips with such ease.
 The normal list of fears, about another mouth to feed, another child to fit in, how old we would be...they just were not there.
 Only peace radiated deep, sweet.
 We parked back at home rain soaking down, Doug faced me,
 "I just keep thinking, 'why wouldn't we?' God is so clear about caring for orphans and he has placed him right in our path...why wouldn't we?"
     With tears on our cheeks we agreed, this little boy was our son.
 God had thrown the doors open so wide.
Foreheads together we wept and prayed for our son, our son, our little boy....

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