Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, April 24, 2009

Could you pray?

It was one week ago today that we got the little paragraph telling us that Georgia is struggling....we have not heard any more at this point. I feel like a big weenie, most people go much longer but knowing she has gone downhill but not knowing how far is hard. I need to be honest that Fridays are hard, it means two full days where I know that we will not get any information, two more days of waiting, praying and trying hard to keep my eyes on Jesus and His promises. I know that our adoption agency is closed for the weekend now and find it hard even to breathe.
I am SO thankful that we know who our sweet Georgia is, that we know how to pray for her, that we are surrounded by such a loving group of people and that even if I cannot know what is going on, God sees it all clearly. I also know that I am learning what it means to be patient (not my strong suit) and how to persevere even in the face of what feels like God could provide the information.
I have been struck in the last few days by the idea of how many children are out there and hurting whether it is Georgia and her heart, foster kids waiting for homes in America or children orphaned to AIDs....so very many. Last year Unicef reported that there are approximately 210 million orphans worldwide. What does that mean to us here? It is astounding. I sit here in my little house today aching to know more about Georgia, to see more pictures of her sweet face and know how she is doing and I think...this wait may be painful but I know that at the end of it waits my sweet little daughter. By now she knows that we are coming, that she has a mama and a daddy as well as two siblings who make a growing list each day of what they want to teach her. The bigger question is will I allow myself to also be pained, discomforted for those who still wait?
Thanks for listening to my thoughts....


Anonymous said...

You are constanly in my prayers. I am so moved by your love for her already. I feel that way about our daughter and we have not even been matched. God is good and he will complete this work that He begun in you.
Leslie (DTC *387)

Amy said...

I remember the pain of waiting, it is a feeling that is so hard to describe. The love you have for your daughter and the momma the needs to protect her. lots of prayers


Mandi said...

You are in my prayers along with Georgia. Have you thought of paying one of the in China organizations to get an update on her for you? I have a friend who had heard nothing about her son since December and finally paid on of these organizations and was able to get quite a bit of information as well as pictures. Just a thought.

Shannon Miller said...

Hi guys! Thanks so much for your words & prayers...they mean so much! Yes Mandi...I am dying to send a care package and get pics and information but with our agency we have to wait until LOA to do it :( So...hopefully soon! or sort of soon...we are only on day 23 of our wait for LOA :) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of your family today and praying for Georgia this morning. We are waiting for our RA/ LOA as well.


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