Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well...the update is that we don't have one at this time, but hopefully will in the next few weeks. It will probably be her current weight & measurements rather than a medical update (although we can hope & pray for that). Having her measurements will be great because it will give us a bit of a picture of how her body is growing. Also, just as a mama, it will be great to be able to "picture" how big she will be!
For those who are praying, I went through her paperwork yesterday and figured out loosely what her schedule is like in China and at what time those things are happening (in our time, West Coast). The reason I did this was that the most difficult time for kiddos with her condition are waking up and eating, those are the times that she is most likely to have a Tet spell (turning blue & struggling to breathe) also whenever she gets upset or is crying. I wanted to be able to be specifically praying during those times for her little body. So for anyone who is interested here are the times:

First bottle : 6:30 am China , 3:30 pm our time

Get up: 7:00 am China , 4 pm our time

Second bottle: 7:30 China, 6:30 pm our time

Main meal: 10:30 am China , 7:30pm our time

Nap: 12:30-3:00pm China, 9:30pm-12am our time

Main meal: 4:00pm China, 1am our time

Bed time: 9pm China, 6am our time

This may seem a bit crazy but I believe that not only does God hear and answer our prayers but that we are to go to Him boldly! It also help me to connect with our little girl and what is going on in her day.
Thanks for listening to this crazy mama! The other thing to be praying for is our paperwork, right now it needs to be translated, reviewed and then approved before we can get to the next step in the process. Please pray for thee things to happen quickly!
As for me...I am idenitfying a lot with Peter when Jesus asks him to walk on the water. When I keep my eyes focused on God I find amazing peace and when I start to look around at all there is to worry about I feel those waves crashing right up by my ears!!!!! Thankfully, each time the Lord is so compassionate and takes my hand and pulls me back up to walk some more!
Blessings on you!

Last bottle: 11pm China, 8am our time


Miller Moments said...

Shannon, this great! I'm going to print it or write it down so that I can pray for her throughout the day (and night-my back keeps me awake a lot, so I'll just pray for Georgia during those moments!) I'll also pray for you since I know that you too will be praying at those times.

Anonymous said...

We are all praying for you and your family! Please know that even with our crazy schedules that if you and Doug ever need anything we are just around the corner! with love and prayers, Nicole, Kyle, Justin and Kylii


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