Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I just heard from an awesome organization that does child sponsorships in China. These sponsorships allow children to be taken out of the orphanage and placed into foster care where they begin to know the love of a foster mother and family. Ravenna (our older daughter) was in a foster home and it was so evident that she was loved.
This organization just spent the last two weeks visiting the orphanages that they work with, one of them being Yulin 1st where Georgia is. It sounds like they got to see Georgia! She was in the group of children that greeted them when they arrived, they are not sure if they have pictures but they are checking.
Here's where more prayer comes in: Georgia used to be in a foster home but at some point the orphanage put her back into their care because of her medical condition. I do not know exactly what this means except that she must need medical supervision that she could not get being in a foster home.
Please, please pray for her. I am worried that her condition has worsened to a greater degree than just an every once in awhile "tet spell" (turning blue). Also pray for her little spirit as that means that she has experienced what would feel like abandonment & major change on multiple levels (birthparents as well as foster family). Please pray for her to be satuarated in love and for her health as well as for us as we wait on the word to go and get her!
Sorry that this is brief, I just got the email and have not had a chance to process it much but wanted to get people praying!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up on all your news. Little Georgia is in our thoughts and prayers daily-as are you and Doug and the kids!

Brian, Kristi, Eli and Kye

Mandi said...

So sorry to hear about Georgia. She will remain in our prayers. I will also be praying that things move quickly for you.


The Vinyards said...

Georgia & your family continue to be in my prayers. Thank you for keeping us updated. I so hope that they have pictures of Georgia to share with you--that would be awesome!

Lori said...

I will keep praying for your precious little one.

Jennyfolsom said...

Georgia and your whole family are in our prayers! She is so precious to the Lord. He is next to her, watching over her.

Ben and Rach said...

We are praying! Sorry you didn't know about my blog! I thought you did!


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