Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, May 25, 2009

Little eyes what do you see?

Sweet little girl millions of miles away, I stare at your beautiful earnest eyes in your pictures everyday. As I pray for you I touch your little cheek in that same picture and wonder what it is that you see. It is almost noon for you right now. What has your morning been like so far? Have you laughed, cried? Has someone gazed into your eyes and whispered that you are loved beyond measure just as I pray they will? Is your tummy grumbling as you wait for your food. I wonder what they will be feeding you, are you getting enough? Once you are full, your eyes will get sleepy and just as I am falling alseep for the night I picture you cuddled up and ready for your nap as well. I wonder what you dream about, what you long for?
I long for the day when I stare into your eyes for real, hold you close, feel the weight of your body instead of a flimsy piece of paper. I long to see your serious face break into a smile, for rooms to be filled by your bubbling giggles. I can picture you here, toddling behind your brother and sister, running in the yard, bouncing on the bed. I long to hear your inner most thoughts and ponderings about the world. To see the ways that God has made you unique and like no other.
It is so strange...I feel like I hold in my hands a very precious package that I cannot open until the appointed time but yet, millions of miles away, halfway around the world you are there already opened and so very, very real.
Sweet dreams my precious baby....


Aaron and Erica said...

What beautiful words from a waiting mother. I remember these feelings that you so eloquently put into words in this post.

Praying for you as you wait...



Miller Moments said...

Georgia is a very lucky girl to have you as her mama!

Shannon Miller said...

Thanks guys! Erica we are guessing that Georgia has been called "You-You" as well, I love it! Thanks for your prayers!

Jen said...

Just beautiful! Your family is in my prayers. I cannot wait to hear that you are physically united with one another. Your bond is already so sweet. I enjoy following your journey and look forward to hearing of Georgia's healing.
Jen (Mom of Gabby: TOF repair Jan '08)


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