Hands and house

Hands and house

Friday, May 22, 2009

Things are moving again!

China sent out a bunch of LOAs this week!!!!! Ours was not it that batch but it is SO refreshing to see movement again! Hopefully ours will come soon! Please pray for those families that have been waiting for over 100 days. We have a friend who has been waiting close to 150 days for her LOA approval...most of these people have waited years before this point to even get a referral. I cannot explain how hard it is too look at and pray for the same little face in a picture everyday knowing that they are living and breathing and getting bigger each day!

We are doing well over here, have been filling our days with lots of camping, playtime in the sprinkler and popsicles!!!! We are starting to really dream about the little girl who will be toddling through our house soon. I find myself remebering what an amazing miracle it was watching Ravenna's personality unfold from a frightened and grieving little girl to one jam packed with joy and love. I feel so honored to be a part of that process again.

SO, just because they are so darned cute, here are some pictures from camping with our friends the Blakemores last weekend. Ravenna and Ellie are only six months apart in age and were inseperable. They would be playing around and Ellie would burst out as loud as she could, "I LOVE YOU RAVENNA!!!!" and the feeling was definitely mutual. Look closely in the pictures because they swapped shoes, as in each wore one of Ravenna's and one of Ellie's. I love watching our kids become so close!

Parker and Ian are also close in age and bonded deeply over cars and flashlights. They spent forever at night with Parker inside the tent and Ian outside. Parker would shine the flashlight through the tent at Ian and they would burst into giggles. They had very long conversations that only they could understand. It was priceless.

It was such an amazing balm to us to hang out with our dear friends! We are hoping to do so as often as possible!!!!!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!!!!!! Please keep praying for us and little Georgia!

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Ben and Rach said...

What a fun camping trip! So glad to hear you are keeping your heads up and things are moving in China! We continue to pray that Georgia will be strong in waiting for you.


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