Hands and house

Hands and house

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Beijing!!!!!!

Ok...now I am addicted to the Fed Ex tracker! I just checked and our LOA is now in the hot little hands of our agencies liason in China!!!!! Hopefully she is on her way to deliver it now. Please, please pray that the China adoption affairs office decides to approve a speed up of our TA paperwork so that we can be batched with the LOAs that we sent last Friday!
It is beginning to feel like we are REALLY going to have Georgiahere! The kids talk more and more about her and Ravenna has started adding her to her artwork which is a HUGE thing for Ravenna because she is all about family and expresses herself beautifully through art. Up until now I have asked her where Georgia is in her pictures and she has said, "In China Mama" in a tone that could easily have said "Puuuullleeaase!" But now she is right in there smiling with funny antenna (i.e. hairclips Ravenna style) bobbing out of her head!
Parker still walks around the house with her picture saynig, "Oh baby Georgia, I want you to come home!" and not I can reply back, "very soon my love, she will be here!"


Naomi said...

I am so excited for you Shannon!!! You are right, it will not be long now!! I so want you to be able to travel with Ginny!!!! Then I can follow both your blogs there and see you together!!!

Miller Moments said...

Thanks for your message last night! We can't wait to meet our new little niece, hopefully very very soon.

Cheri said...

So happy that it reached the liason with no problems! Praying that the Lord moves mountains for you.


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