Hands and house

Hands and house

Monday, June 22, 2009

On it's way again!!!!!

Our signed LOA did make it to our agency and now is being overnighted to Beijing!!!! Thank you all for praying and encouraging us...we needed it and every time I checked my email it was bulging with messages! It was absolutely amazing to hear our travel coordinator tell us today that we are officially done with our paperwork!!!!! She said the next step is waiting for our TA (TRavel Approval) and then...we book our flights!

SO, there are still things to pray for:

* I more than a little bit nervous about our LOA needing to be Fed Ex overnighted to China. I guess that overnighting it actually takes 2-3 days. Please pray that this time it gets where it is supposed to the first time!

* The thing that determines the processing of our TA is actually paperwork that come from US immigration. Some people's paperwork has been held up there. Please pray that they honor our request for an expedite because of Georgia's heart condition.

* Please pray for us here as we work on getting ready not only for travel but then an open heart surgery and a 10-14 days hospital stay as well as packing the trailer that we will stay in on Seattle Children's campus...I keep freezing up as I try to prepare.

* Please pray for our Georgia, that her heart will remain stable and that she will bond quickly to us!

* Pray for the kids as they stay behind with Doug, Grandpa and their favorite babysitter Tata (her name is Jessica but the kids don't call her that). The Grandma's & I are travelling to China on operation Mei-Mei!

And I have to leave with this, just because I love it!!! Our friends Jeff & Stacy made this for us (he is photographer):


One Happy Momma said...

Hi Shannon -

I have been following along and I'm so happy to see they have found your LOA and got it delivered!

I'm a fellow adoptive momma and we are getting ready to go back to China, we leave July 18th to bring our son home. :)

You mentioned that you will be at Seattle's Childrens Hospital when you return home with your daughter.

We are near Seattle and if there is anything we can do while you are here, plese let me know, we'd be happy to help. :)

Here's my email address in case. minnie.goofy@comcast.net

Will keep you in our prayers for a speedy TA and that USCIS will expedite your paperwork!

Blessings -

Cathy Worrell

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shannon, that is great news! I am on vacation this week with my family in California. I am trying hard to take an "adoption break" but I just couldn't resist taking a peek at your blog. Congrats!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Hi Shannon, I just happened upon your blog. I realize you are in China now, but couldn't help but notice you are traveling to Seattle...Children's hospital. I have stayed there with my oldest son who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when he was 12. They are wonderful. We have a wonderful resources here in Seattle if you need help with anything, please let me know! God Bless!


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