Hands and house

Hands and house

Saturday, January 16, 2010

More urgent prayer requests for Haiti.

I have compiled a list in the post before this one for those that want to pray for Haiti. Here are some more things that God has brought across my path today:

This is from an adoptive mom, from her son's orphanage. I do not know the name of the orphanage:
We received word from Pierre this morning that the situation in the orphanage is becoming dire. We would like to ask EVERYONE that receives this to use this information to get on your knees before our Lord and ask Him to provide.
We have one nanny that is deceased and the orphanage needs her body to be removed.
The orphanage has no drinkable water.
In addition they need formula for babies, medicines, IV fluids (one child is currently on an IV), charcoal to cook, diesel, cash to buy supplies if they find them. They are running out of cash and there are no banks open to get cash, so it needs to be delivered by someone already on the ground or by helicopter. ... See More

Others are beginning to rob them of what supplies they do have. There are helicopters flying over the orphanage and they have made a sign on the roof that says they are an orphanage and need help.

The staff is also working to get together all the paperwork for each child that has an adoptive family in a way that it can be attached to their body if there is an opportunity to evacuate.

For His Glory is doing everything we can on this end to contact people who may be able to help. Please pray. Currently, that is the best thing you can do to help. Kim is doing everything she can, and respectfully requests that adoptive families do not call her at this time. We realize this is a very difficult time, however she needs her phone and time available to do everything she can to make contacts to try to help the children and staff at the orphanage. We will give you any updates we have as soon as they are available.
Trusting in Him,

This is from the Livesay family's blog. Please visit there (http://livesayhaiti.blogspot.com/) and leave comments to encourage them. Read the whole list, there are very real prayer requests in it:

Short Stories

This will weave and jump around, I apologize.

- At the US Embassy there was a woman with three children. She and one child held USA passports. Two of her children had passports from some other Caribbean nation. (I don't remember which one.) She thought I was an Embassy employee and pleaded her case to me. I explained what I knew and that anyone leaving at this time had to have a valid US Passport. She then asked me if I would take her two kids so she and the one child could leave.

- After I left the Embassy a young man helped me get the bags our kids had to leave behind out of the gate and into the car. He then accepted a fair amount of money for his help and we asked him if he wanted a baby stroller that was left behind (just the wheels and not the car-seat part - the car seat part was given away in the night) -- you have never seen anyone so thankful to be given a little cart with four wheels. Troy got in the car and cried based on that man's gratitude for such a tiny little thing.

- A phone call came that a man had been walking since Tuesday night from the south part of the island. They asked if he could come to us for medical help or help getting to the US Embassy. They said he had been vomiting and walking for days without much rest. He never showed up here.

- Mass graves are being used, the bodies are seen stacked in trucks and around town. Many people will be buried without their families ever knowing where they were when they died.

- Plans are underway to open a clinic to serve our area. We need prayers that the plane is allowed to land with our people and supplies. They are supposed to be able to get in in the next 36 hours but we pray that it actually comes to pass. We cannot begin without them.

- Water purification in the form of a safe chlorine product is being made around the clock and will be distributed for people to add to their dirty water source and be able to make it safe to drink.

- Logistically speaking - things are beyond imaginable. We are considering things like "where do we put medical waste, amputated parts, etc.? "Where do people who need IV's around the clock to kill bad infection need to be housed?" We know the world is praying and we thank you and ask you to continue to do so for weeks and months to come.

- There will be people specifically in place to pray with and comfort the dying. Once I know who is doing that I will ask you to pray for them by name. That task is of incredible importance.

With love and gratitude for the support,

Prayer requests from Compassion International:

Pray for our Compassion children and their families. Many of them have been unaccounted for and some may be separated from their loved ones. Pray they may be aware of the presence of the Lord in this time.

Pray for our Compassion staff in Haiti. Thus far, 40 of the 75 staff have been found. Please pray protection and the Lord's provision over their lives. May He strengthen and grant wisdom to them as they contribute to the relief efforts in Port-au-Prince.

Currently, it is extremely difficult to get supplies to the victims. They are in desperate need of food and water. Please pray for the Lord to create a way for resources to get to them. May His miraculous provision prevail in this time.
Pray for Compassion employee Dan Woolley and contractor David Hames. They were at the Hotel Montana at the time of the quake and reported missing. Dan has been found and pulled from the rubble and David is still unaccounted for. Please pray for the families of both men, to be encouraged in the hope of the Lord. Pray fervently for Dan's physical recovery as well as he and his family's emotional state. Also, continue to pray for David's safety and protection, that he might be found without harm and rescued quickly.

Please pray for the Lord's peace and mighty arm of protection to be over the people of Haiti. May the Lord's guidance breakthrough the chaos.
Please pray that the people of Haiti affected by this disaster will bond together in this time and serve one another. May they especially come together to help provide for the children.

Please pray that the Lord will position key people in the midst of this devastation to rise up and help bring order to the situation. Pray for the government as they continue overseeing rescue efforts and begin to put a plan together to rebuild Port-au-Prince.

For a couple in Haiti on a mission trip right now:

There is a young couple from my church in Wisconsin who flew to Haiti to minister at an orphanage. It was one hour after they landed that the earthquake hit. Please keep them in your prayers as they now minister in ways that they were not expecting.

Dear Moms and Dads and Pastors (Jan. 12)

Please pass this info along to everyone who may be worried. The earthquake was scary but the building held up fine. We even have internet at the moment. But we may not later. So don't worry if we don't write back soon.

We have plenty of water and a large pot of rice and beans, snacks and medical supplies

The earthquake hit about one hour after we landed, we were on the road about 1/3 of the way to the guest house. It took two hours of driving through rubble and by many large collapsed buildings to get to the guest house. (I saw at least 6 bodies of those killed by the street, but there must be thousands thoughout the city) I went with Jason to see the two orphanage building, and both are intact, on generator power, and the kids are safe. The streets are crowded because everyone is scared to go inside, but we are in a strong building. We don't know what the plan is from here, but we will do what we can to help tomorrow and take it one day at a time.

Thank you for your prayers, we will try to stay in touch.


There is an American mom and her two year old who were visiting family in Haiti. They are still there right now in a building surrounded with people who are trapped with nothing they can do to help them.

Another orphanage in dire need:

The nearly 100 children living at an orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti, are hungry and thirsty, and desperately waiting for aid, a member of the orphan's foundation told CNN on Saturday.

All of the buildings of the Good Shepherd Orphanage, about eight miles from the capital of Port-au-Prince, were "damaged beyond repair," including the dormitories, said David Zimmer, treasurer for the Good Shepherd Orphanage and Schools Foundation.

Please read my last post for other specific prayer requests.
Lord, be with Haiti right now and with all of these request. You are mighty and can move mountains. You did miracles to get our Georgia home, please do even more in Haiti today...

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Thank you for all this information Shannon! It is good to know specifically how to pray!! It is so heart breaking! I am so grieved!


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