Hands and house

Hands and house

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Phew....finally here are some pictures! I haven't written about all of the events yet but here is a run-down of our time:

Drive down the coast from WA to Baja

Visit with my Grandma, Aunt & Cousin in Santa Barbara

Visit El Rancho Sordo Mudo (school for the deaf & mute). This is the pics with lots of kids.

Bahia de Los Angeles

La Ventana

Christmas on the beach (pinatas, santa & caroling)

Playa San Pedrita in Todos Santos (ocean beach)

La Mision on the way home!

Hope you enjoy!!!!!


Jay and Charlotte said...

sure enjoyed the pictures. What a great opportunity you had to spend time with your kids at the beach.
We enjoyed our time with Grandma Julie and Grandpa Chuck.

Teresa Dalsager said...

The photo album is WONDERFUL! Especially Santa with a roaring campfire as a backdrop!

The memories you're "baking" into the lives of your children are priceless. :-) The first time both Aaron and Kat organized camping trips with their friends apart from us...was a huge moment of satisfaction and joy!

Loved seeing Luke and the kids at the Ranch. AWESOME! Love you ALL! T

Carla said...

So great to find your blog..or so great that you found my blog! I totally remember you guys and it's fun to look through your Mexico adventure photos. My boy even made it into one of them :) Have a wonderful week at the Mission. Give some kids a squeeze for me. I miss Mexico and those kids so much! Post lots of pictures :)


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