Hands and house

Hands and house

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ok....an update!

OK...I am finally sitting down to get to writing and catching up a bit!
I was hoping to have some info on the tests of this little one but we are still waiting. Hoping no news is good news.

The rest of the hospital time went pretty well. We actually got to leave early! Getting the darned electrodes off was really tough. The tech used what he said was basically finger nail polish remover to take them off. The issue was that at the site of each of the electrodes, her sweet head had been cut by the metal, so the remover burned like crazy and then it ran down right into her eyes. It was heart breaking. She screamed and screamed and all I could do was hold her face right up to mine and tell her it would be ok. Then she had an allergic reaction to the solution and broke out in hives all over her head :(

Which now it is. She is back to her happy goofy self with one crazy hairdo because there are gobs of glue still stuck to her scalp. She doesn't want me to touch them and I am absolutely going to respect that. We have had some funny looks while out and about but this baby girl gets to control what happens on her head for awhile!

Her latest trick to keep us on our toes is to break out in hives every single night since we have moved in to our new house. We cannot figure out what is going on but she gets them on her back, her tummy and sometimes even marble sized welts all over her head. So, the doctor has checked her out and if it happens for another week we are off to the allergist (why not add one more spoecialist to the mix!)

While all of that is happening, it is not even close to being the focus right now...life is too rich and fun for that!

Yesterday Parker's preschool class went to the zoo. It was crazy fun. 19 kids running and jumping along with what seemed to be all of the other preschoolers in the state of Oregon!

He is such an amazing big brother. He came and visited us with Grandma at the hospital. As soon as he saw Georgia he ran and buried his head in my lap crying and asking, "Are those wires hurting her?" He was so gentle with her and keeps checking up on her now to see how her 'owies' are doing.

We are settling in to our new house and the kids have been frolicking in the yard (notice Parker's new fashoin statement that he calls 'toga').
For those of you who have asked, we are still in a holding pattern with Ravenna. We meet with the Hematologist in August and may have some more tests before then. They seem to be testing from most simple to most complicated. Hopefully we will have more answers soon.

and these shots just crack me up...he and his friend found a little 'stage' and put on quite a show at the zoo. I think they were the true wildlife!
Check out what Parker calls their "sweet moves"

Life is so good, so very deeply good. We feel beyond blessed to get to live life with these kids. Each medical complication is nothing compared with the honor of being their Mama.


Renee said...

Keeping you in prayer and giving thanks that it is over and all is going well with your crew today. Will pray for Georgia's hives and the cause will be revealed....maybe something in the new house?

Miller Moments said...

Fun pictures! I want to see your house...and how cute you've made it. Thanks for the chat today!

Naomi said...

You have such a great perspective on life sweet friend! I cannot believe what you have gone through and continue to endure. Is there just no let up? I shall pray for the results come in once and for all and that everything is better than you expected.

In the meantime, thank you for being very real in the midst of your difficulties and reminding us all what really matters in life!

Susan A said...

Praying for Georgia that she will get better from the allergy reaction to something, and that He will give His wisdom so that you know what it is.
Sweet photos of Parker and his friend! :) I loved reading how he cares for his sister :)


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